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We know looking for a NEW job is easy! Looking for the RIGHT job however takes a lot more time and patience. Sometimes it helps to have the inside edge on the competition. FPR can give you that edge by putting you in touch with great employers who value their team. A lot of our clients come to us for professional advice on market trends in your industry. This knowledge assists us to find opportunities time and again for both junior and experienced staff.

Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary work, full or part-time hours, we really will listen to what you want. We pride ourselves on offering candidates a friendly, more personal service.

Temporary Staff

You may have seen or worked with some of our staff in the past; we have staff who are available to work on a full time basis and others who may only be available 1-2 days or on specific days of the week. Others are students who have Saturdays or holiday breaks as available time.

Whatever your preference we have small practice and multi practice clients all over Perth with assignments from 1 day to 12 weeks at a time. We consistently receive positive client feedback on how well our staff fit in their team.

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Permanent Staff

We have successfully placed many staff in various positions across Perth. We have built partnerships with many clients, recognizing our ability to assist with the recruitment of a new team member. Some of our temporary staff have, whilst on an assignment, offered a permanent position as the fit has been so good.

Other candidates may simply register with us for future opportunities; it's not unusual for us to contact someone about a potential position 6 months after they first registered.

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